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You choose the duration of the course with the educational manager; 1h30, 2h or more, it's up to you! You can adjust according to the type of course chosen; a weekly lesson of 1.5 hours, then 2 hours during the holiday courses.

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How long does a course in a center last?

Apprendre Autrement is an educational center offering private lessons. The lessons take place in small groups, but each student works independently of the others, with personalized follow-up; all the advantages of the private lesson without the disadvantages!

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How does Apprendre Autrement work?

To prepare well for an exam, it is important to regularly review your lessons, but also to train in different types of exercises in order to be as efficient as possible. That is why Apprendre Autrement offers different formulas.

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How Apprendre Autrement can help Me?
And the administrative procedures?

It is Apprendre Autrement that is the employer of teachers, not you! No pay slip, no additional costs (travel of teachers, assessments, file)

You are quiet!

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We respect the school programs and we work according to the progress of the student. Our teachers use the lesson seen in class to offer training and deepening exercises.

Is there a "Apprendre Autrement" method?

Because everyone is different, Apprendre Autrement offers differentiated teaching.

Our teaching materials are diverse and adapted to students.

In addition, we give methodological advice (schedule of revisions, method sheets).

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Why "Learn Otherwise?"
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